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Being an athlete his entire life, Kwame wasn’t used to getting winded so easily when playing with his kids or riding his bike. A major shock came when his cousin who was the same size went into a diabetic coma and died at 35 years old. This was when Kwame decided to change the way he thought about food and exercise and give himself an overall goal of losing 225 pounds.

Kwame started by taking control of his eating habits. He started cutting down this portions, like eating only one or two chicken breasts instead of three or four, and replacing the bad things with good, healthier options. Vitamins are part of his daily routine, taking one multivitamin, B12, fish oil, CLA, Biotin, and DHEA. He started hitting the gym hardcore to build resistance, build muscle, and increase his cardio, and all the while getting constant support from his friends and family.

“The hardest part is when I would hit the different plateaus, I would have to keep pushing through. I had to tell myself that everyone hits plateaus and did research on different things people did. That really helped. I also started focusing more on inches instead of weight,” Kwame says.

Kwame recently played in a basketball tournament at University of Texas at Arlington and was able to play the entire games, a feat from last year when he could only make it halfway through. He is also riding his bike more and taking more classes at the Fitness 2000. We’re cheering him on with his healthy lifestyle changes and can’t wait to celebrate when he reaches his goal!


About a year ago my son asked me to bring him his athletic bag across the soccer field . I was completely out of breath just walking across . I decided I needed to make a change if I wanted to be around for my son. The Lord just led me toFIT2K where I met my trainer and all of my inspiring instructors . I have lost 30 pounds and tons of inches. I am in better shape now than when I was young. I can run up and down the soccer field now .


Late April 2012, I had just returned from a trip with my mom, my mom is diabetic. On our trip she had to carry around her medications and insulin, at 213 lbs I decided that if I didn’t change something I was headed in the same direction. May 2012, I attended my first Zumba class at Fitness 2000, by the end of class I was sweaty, hot, and exhausted, but so looking forward to the next class. From that point on I attended every class that I could thinking only about doing something healthier for myself, not so much thinking I would lose weight. As the months went by the pounds just started to come off. I learned that weight loss is not about getting on a “magic diet” or taking “magic pills”, it’s about changing your lifestyle. Working out and changing how you feed your body, smaller portions, more fruits, veggies, adding salads and cutting out junk. It’s been a little over a year now and I have lost a total of 56 lbs, I had not seen my current weight for over 20 years. I still have about 10 lbs to lose but I couldn’t be happier, I truly feel like I’m living a dream !!


On February 16, 2013 I started this journey at a size 22 and a 2 xl in T-shirts. I had struggled with food from about the age of 14. I always knew that my weight was a problem, but never really felt like I could do much about it until I had an epiphany at a boots store one evening. It was the moment when the light bulb went off in my head and I changed the way I lived from that moment on. I’ve gone from being sedentary to being physically active. I make healthier choices when going to the store and out to eat. Being healthy is the best thing that I can do for myself and for the people I love. Today, I am a size 10 and wear a medium shirt.


I had a spinal fusion in college and stayed in decent shape, but in the three years since I moved here, my weight spiraled out of control. I cried every time I went shopping for clothes because I kept having to buy bigger sizes. I finally got tired of the pain, and tired of feeling sorry for myself, and took control of my life. I try to go to at least four Zumba classes a week (5 days a week in the gym) I eat healthy, and I quit smoking. Since November, I’ve lost 90 lbs and dropped 10 pant sizes. I have so much more energy, and NO lower back pain. Best decision I ever made.



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