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Hi!! I’m Adriana Limon and I teach Zumba at  Group FX on Beach Thursdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

My goal is just to make you sweat and have fun while doing it!! I’m full of energy and a true believer that sweating can be fun! Smiling is always the best part of anyone’s attire for the day! The reason I became a Zumba instructor is because the Zumba family I started out with in Wichita Falls saved my life. My daughter’s father passed away and I was in a very very dark place. They forced me to come back to class and they showed me life goes on. When doing zumba or any kind of fitness, nothing in the outside world matters!!! It’s just you and the music and your soul being expressed in a way only YOU can express it. No judging. You do as you feel and seeing that in others is what I teach for 🙂

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