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Britney McCormick

Hi, I’m Britney McCormick and I LOVE teaching Zumba!  My very first class was in 2013 and just like that: I was addicted!  Not only has it allowed me to shed the last bit of baby weight I was carrying around, but it has allowed me to regain confidence in myself and my body after 2 babies.  I am more confident and comfortable in my body than I’ve ever been!  I have a wonderful husband of 9 years and have lived in Keller for 7 years. Together we have 2 wonderful kids, Declan (5) and Mairen (3).  When I’m not teaching Zumba, I am… making up a new Zumba routine (always!), playing with my kids, reading, crafting or cooking.  I joined the
Keller Fit2K team in January 2016 and teach on Monday nights at 5:30pm.  My teaching style is fun, with a little bit of every kind of style mixed in as far as choreography goes. I also try to incorporate high intensity and toning routines in class so that we really work ALL areas of the body.  I love a challenge!  I love the way Zumba makes me feel, inside and out (and so will you!) and more than anything I LOVE that it never feels like a workout. My ultimate goal is for the people in my class to have FUN, laugh, find a new sense of confidence, be challenged and then leave class feeling like they were at a party (but wake up sore the next day)!  It’s hard to make an excuse to NOT have fun…Join the party with me, I’d love to shake it with ya!😉 I hope I got it all in there!

 Thank u!


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