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Ronda Fellingham

I am a mom of 4 kids ages 5-13.  I was a CPA in my previous (pre-kids) life, and I have now been teaching group x for over 9 years, and I love it more than I ever loved accounting!!  I am ACE certified, and I teach turbokick at the Keller location on Saturday mornings at 10:00am.  I’ve also subbed bodypump at Group FX from time to time.

I take it seriously when people decide to give me an hour of their precious day, and I try my best to make that time as fun and productive as possible!  My favorite times at the gym are when I hear members tell me how they are feeling stronger and more powerful in their everyday life as a result of the hard work they are putting in at the gym.

I believe that consistency is the key for movement and moderation is the key for diet.  Don’t deny, just keep it small! And every once in awhile, throw in a form of exercise that you don’t normally do to shock your muscles and FEEL the difference!

My motto: Sweat on purpose, every day! 🙂

Ronda Fellingham
Group Fitness Instructor
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