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Liz Haun

My Name is  Liz Haun. I am a group fitness Instructor at GroupFx (Fort Worth ) location.

I Teach BodyPump at 9:30am Wednesdays and at 5:30am Thursdays

So my weight loss journey as been a long one. I come from a family everyone was over weight. As a girl my dream job that I wrote an essay about in the second grade was to be the ice cream mans wife. I struggled with weight until the year I was going into high school I lost 80lbs that summer before I started 9th grade exercising and portion control. Fast forward i was a young mom and I gained 100lbs with my first son never taking it off. I just kept packing it on by the time I was 28 I was 320lb and couldn’t tie my own shoes. I thought that weight loss surgery was the answer. I had a gastric bypass surgery and lost 100lbs getting me down to 220lbs then the weight started to creep back up. I got back to 300lbs. Desperate defeated I was walking around a Christian book store. I found a book that was 156 scriptures, prayers, and meditations on weight loss it cost $1.59 I think. It wasn’t so much the book but for the most part of my life I did seek God in everything. I never did with this weight issue. I started praying walking 10minutes a day and cutting back and trying to make better food selection. It’s been a little over 11 years from that time I’m less than 1/2 the weight I was. Something amazing happened when I was 220lbs 5 years ago a friend invited me to go into a group fitness class. I had spent a lot of time doing cardio on the elliptical and seen great change . I had never been in a group fitness class. My first class was Body Pump. The instructor looked at me as if I was an athlete I believed her and in myself. Today I’m working on clean eating and training. I hope to inspire others not to give up and to feel like they are in the best shape of their life’s like I do. I hope that they know you are never to old to dream and new dream and go after it.

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