Here Is A Fitness Tip You May Not Know

//Here Is A Fitness Tip You May Not Know

Here Is A Fitness Tip You May Not Know

Contrary to popular perception, a leading survey has found that only a small percentage of women who participate in a regular exercise routine include strength training.

This is a rather surprising finding considering one reason many women exercise is to help manage their weight.

Resistance training not only boosts metabolism, but combining aerobic training with strength-training can have a lessening effect on the number of calories you eat throughout the day.

This may be due, in part, to the effect that a combined workout has on certain hormones and on blood sugar stability.

Everyone who exercises to lose weight should understand that while cardio activity burns calories during the performance, it is muscle that burns calories all day, even while resting, and that a solid strength training program will ultimately be more effective at controlling and maintaining a healthy weight.

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That’s it for now, until next time…see you at the gym.

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