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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By |2015-08-18T12:27:14+00:00October 16th, 2013|Uncategorized|

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is no better time to begin taking steps to lower your chance of developing breast cancer. Early detection is still key to fighting breast cancer, but we wanted to shed a little light on a less discussed topic: prevention. You can never completely diminish your chance of [...]

Changing Your Family’s Health

By |2017-06-29T21:41:31+00:00September 18th, 2013|Uncategorized|

With the obesity epidemic reaching record numbers, it seems that everywhere you look are articles about losing weight and eating healthy. The articles are great if you are single, but rarely address how to make changes to a family household. Spouses and children can be reluctant to make healthy changes when favorite foods are eliminated [...]

Zumba: The Real Deal

By |2017-06-29T21:41:31+00:00August 28th, 2013|Uncategorized|

You have seen the commercials; the Zumba class with people dancing to the beat of Latin music, turning a workout into an hour of fun where time flies by. They all have the rhythm down-pat as they execute each step with precision. You would love to join the party, but even in your dreams you [...]

Positive Body Image

By |2017-06-29T21:41:31+00:00August 14th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Everyone has those days when they’re feeling self conscious about their bodies. It’s important to develop a positive body image and learn to overpower negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts can lead to eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem and an unhealthy obsession with weight loss. Today, it’s difficult to drown out all the voices in the [...]

Weight Training: Stay Safe.

By |2017-06-29T21:41:31+00:00July 30th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Weights and machines at the gym might be frightening if you don’t know how to use them. Like any physical activity with vigorous movement, weight training is a common way to cause an injury. Make sure to keep these tips in mind to have an effective workout without hurting yourself: Use good form. Lifting weights [...]

Gym Motivators

By |2017-06-29T21:41:31+00:00July 10th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Some days the gym just isn’t happening. Your car broke down, work was a beating, and the kids haven’t stopped screaming all day. We know getting motivated to go to the gym can be tough, but we have compiled a list of ways to get you here and ready to burn off some fat! Get [...]

Get Up and Get Moving!

By |2017-06-29T21:41:31+00:00June 27th, 2013|Uncategorized|

We all want to sleep as much as we can, but there are actual benefits to setting your alarm clock a little bit earlier to work out in the morning. It does wonders for your body such as improving your health and helping you find peace of mind. Although you might have to drag yourself [...]

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